The Hollows


A cerebral critique of the relationship between our soul and circumstances. Done in 2021, minted as a part of the Skullana festival in 2022.

The Lost City Of Hollows

This series is my view on broad social problems we are facing today as a humanity. Its like a portrait of the social lifestyle that exists in its own realm. A group of individuals united around ignorance, hate and greed as their driving force. They are connected through the emptiness of their thoughts, desires, belief system and clouded mind. The scenes depicted show their activities and grim fates, some are showing their desires, relationships and shared fates. Some may be interpreted as just letting go of worries or hard thoughts and enjoy something basic and entertaining while doing nothing to better themselves or their community.

Hollows Tribute Pieces

Artworks made as a collaboration pieces for the Hollows collection by Tornado Rodriguez, Odd Skull, James Johnson and Logan Carrol.

James JohnsonLogan CarrolOdd SkullTornado Rodriguez