After Art

After Art

This collection comes as an extension of my tattoo flash series “Windows” that I started to work on in 2019. I have been using this little portal to tell many different stories on human bodies. It represents a gateway you can use to make connections with your desires or fears. Being my first NFT collection, with After Art I wanted to pay homage to art history with a series that puts art and stories we all recognise and connect to in a different context. One that tells a story of change happening over time and where we are today as a civilisation.

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges SeuratAmerican Gothic by Grant WoodArearea by Paul GauguinBalloon Dog by Jeff KoonsBlack Square by Kazimir MalevichBlue Nudes by Henri MatisseComposition II by Wassily KandinskyConsequences of War by Peter Paul RubensDavid by MichelangeloDiscobolus by MyronDutch Interior I by Juan MiroFrench maid by BanksyGirl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes VermeerHead VI by Francis BaconHomage to Alexander CalderHomage to Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeHomage to Hieronymus BoschHomage to Jackson PollockHomage to Jean-Michel BasquiatHomage to Keith HaringHomage to Louise Bourgeois and Alberto GiacomettiHomage to Marcel DuchampHomage to Mark RothkoHomage to Piet MondrianHomage to Yayoi KusamaIl trovatore stanco by Giorgio De ChiricoHomage to Man RayTribute to Max ErnstLady with an Ermine by Leonardo da VinciLas Meninas by Diego VelazquezLiberty Leading the People by Eugene DelacroixMan with the Moneybag by Pieter Brueghel the YoungerMarylin Monroe by Andy WarholMoai by Rapa Nui peopleMona Lisa by Leonardo da VinciNapoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis DavidNarcissus by CaravaggioNew York City V by H. R. GigerPortrait of an Artist by David HockneyPortrait of Lunia Czechovska by Amedeo ModiglianiPrincess X by Constantin BrancusiReclining Figure by Henry MooreRhinoceros by Albrecht DurerSaturn Devouring His Son by Francisco GoyaSeated Woman by Pablo PicassoSelf Portrait by Frida KahloSelf Portrait by Vincent Van GoghSky and water I by M.C. EscherSolly Madonna by Raffaello SanzioStill life, pitcher and fruit by Paul CezanneSylvia von Harden by Otto DixThe Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by RembrandtThe Ancient of Days by William BlakeThe Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van EyckThe Birth of Venus by Sandro BoticelliThe Creation of Adam by MichelangeloThe Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika HokusaiThe Kiss by Gustav KlimtThe Nefertiti Bust by ThutmoseThe Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest by El GrecoThe Persistence of Memory by Salvador DaliThe Scream by Edvard MunchThe Seven Virtues Charity by GiottoThe Sleeping Gypsy by Henri RousseauThe Thinker by Auguste RodinVega by Victor VasarelyVenus de Milo by Alexandros of AntiochVitruvian Man by Leonardo da VinciWanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David FriedrichWhistler`s Mother by James McNeil WhistlerWoman with a Parasol by Claude Monet


My second series comes as an evolution of the portal motive I had been obsessed with for some time. Some of the drawings were done almost two years ago, some are redone older works and some are completely new. When I experimented with compositions, I started getting different moods and messages that each piece sends out to the viewer. Most of them were not drawn with a pre-existing idea of what they should represent. It all becomes clear after I start drawing. In general they all revolve around human condition and psychology.

A gift
A Friend Indeed
A Job Well Done
A Kind Of Magic
A Miracle
Acid Fairytale
Big Demand
Black Sail
Box Head Factory
Candy House
Chambers Of The Mind
Choice II
Circle Of Betrayal
Devil s Moving Castle
Down The Drain
Dreaming Of Coins
Fallen Angel
Forbidden Fruits
Future Nature
Gate Keeper
Give To The Poor
Heart Guard
I'll Follow You Anywhere
Import Export
Internal Crack
Latex Moral
Lights Off
Murder On The Dance floor
Mutant Justice
My Cloud
Opinion Grinder
Over The Rainbow
Picking Allowed
Self Repair
Set Free
Sweeping The Floor
The Bill
The Far Beyond
The Flow
The Morning Train
The Palace
The Race
The Waiting Room
The Ways Of Men
Thinking Inside The Box
Truth 3
VIP Dungeon
Virtual Steak
With You Till The End